Photoshop. It’s inspiring. It’s intimidating.

And there’s buried treasure hidden inside. It’s my mission to help you find it.

I’m not talking about mastering every tiny, excruciating detail of PS. I’m talking about skipping right to the hidden gold. Hidden gold I’ve discovered through 25 years of relying on PS as an industry professional.

The key to unlocking the mysteries of PS is learning HOW to work in it, rather than memorizing every bell and whistle. And whoa, there are a LOT of them.

Buying PRESETS is a popular short cut, which is cool. They certainly get the job done… until they don’t. Ever had a preset stop working after a PS update?  Yeah, me too. Hope you weren’t on a hard deadline, ‘cause wow, now you’re hosed.  Once you learn the HOW of PS, you can create your own effects. Drive your own creativity. 

Photoshop and I are going through a new renaissance of discovery. I’m finding new functions and techniques and using them in new ways to create my visions faster and easier… and under MY control, in a way I can change or replicate any time, no matter what changes are made to the program.

I’d love to take you along on this new journey. You’ll finish Filters and Smart Objects ( along with the Photoshop Brushes ( class with the skills to:

•Use older models (filter/brushes) in a whole new way as well as discover some fantastic new ones.

•Use Flame render to make hair - look beyond what the filter or brush was intended for.

•Make beautiful water scenes with nothing but plugs ins, a lasso tool, and one stock shot

I’ve been stretching the bounds of render and filter functions with amazing results. My latest project shows what you can create when you work with minimal images and focus more on the fantastic abilities inherent in the render and filter functions. Take a look at how quickly and easily you can create your OWN image. 

The new brushes, what can I say? Just wow. The crazy thing is, these functions have been in the brushes for EONS… but now Adobe has pre-set the variances so you don’t have to be a genius to unleash the power.

If I sound excited… I AM. Photoshop should be fun. Creating your own images—your way—should incite joy, not chair-tossing frustration.

Come learn how to find your own buried treasure.

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