Targeted Image Support

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Targeted Image Support


GREAT new program!!!  

Our newest Mentoring Program is designed to help you get that FINAL look you crave.

Sure, there are a gazillion free YouTube videos out there that’ll help you achieve… a look.  Ahem. Some videos might even explain how to get a few different looks. 

But what about YOUR look? You know, that look you have in your head vs. the one you’re settling for?  

What about pre-sets, you say? Pre-sets work great IF your image exactly matches the tone/color of the original. Let’s say they do.  Cool.  This time.  Wouldn’t it be nice to know how to achieve that look EVERY time?  With every original?  

Let us teach you exactly that.  Our method gives you a detail file and instructional video on HOW to get there yourself. Every time. This is not a ONE off system. This is a system you will be able to repeat (and vary ) as needed.

Take the guess work out of it. Let us do the figuring.

Fast and Easy.

This process presumes you have a good understanding of Photoshop and will NOT be focused on skill set, but rather file construction.  

What does that mean? if you suck at painting hair you will want to take the EXTENDED workshop to learn how to do that.

IF you are feeling confident about your skills, but just need a leg up, this is the OPTION for you.

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How it works:

YOU provide your ORIGINAL

YOU provide your SAMPLE look you are trying to emulate.



Not only is her style simple to understand and highly effective, but it feels like your best friend is sitting in the room next to you explaining how to make something so complex look so easy
— Branka Bhoyrul

We send you back a

1.LAYERED photoshop file

2.Quick Time movie

explaining HOW and WHYs of the file construction.

YOU get to decided the TARGET image and the PROJECT image you want to have it EMULATE.

We SEND you back a LAYERED photoshop file along with a QUICKTIME movie explaining HOW and WHY we achieved the result.  

You then have a LAYERED file you can deconstruct as well as an instructional video.

No more struggling for hours trying let us help you get there. You will then have a road map for future projects, and a better understanding of how to manipulate YOUR files to achieve YOUR desired effects.

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Sample looks created   

Sample looks created





Cinematic: Preacher

We do ALL sorts of image editing from EDITORIAL-COLOR-CINEMATIC the only limitation is your imagination.