Portfolio Review


Portfolio Review


What is NEXT for you? Where do you stand in the market place? Do you suck or do you kick butt? Do you need to get in front of an industry professional? Are you ready to put your shingle out or not ready? Thats okay, let us help you make a plan.

Here is your opportunity to have your work evaluated by experts working in the industry. Find out where you stand in the pack. Get concrete information on the quality and beadth of your work. Get real world advice on pricing, promotion and moving your retouching/photoshop business to the next level.




Send us your questonaire and portfolio

Send us your questonaire and portfolio



Access. Get access to me!

ONE on ONE conversation/advice/consultation. The comment I hear from most folks is: "what is next for me?".

Lets get your career jump started. 

This review has been a life changing experience for me!
Lisa is a shining light! I was feeling very lost and in desperate need of some guidance and help. Not only was I able to receive honest and productive feedback from Lisa on techniques and aesthetic but I was also given a formula and guide for how to achieve the next steps in my career that was tailored specifically to my needs.
The process was also very easy and organized in a straightforward way. You can tell Lisa puts a lot of preparation into the review. I was given amazing tools and reference not only in our one on one conversations, the questionnaires, but also in the “homework” section which was very soul searching and beneficial. Being able to chat with Lisa and understand feedback as well as being able ask questions about technique was so advantageous. To not only have somebody with this incredible skill set show you how to take your technique to the next level but explain why and how is priceless. This is a very personalized portfolio review and is perfect for anybody just starting out of somebody that has years of experience like myself.
It is no wonder that Lisa is an expert in her field and revered in the photography community and her teaching skills are above reproach.
I highly recommend this review for anybody that wants to take the next step in their career.
— Couture Portraiture www.coutureportraiture.com
What makes Lisa an excellent mentor is her mixture of art and science—the ability to peel away some of the photoshop complexity and distill it down to something accessible.

It is obvious that she has acquired a lot of information, in her long career, and is eager to share it all, if you are willing to soak up her vast knowledge. Her enthusiasm lights up the most boring of technics. Lisa knows how to keep things interesting by offering various ways of achieving the same goal. She is also accessible and willing to give extra help. She gives extra materials that other teachers don’t offer and prepares students for real life work situations.

I highly recommend Lisa! She goes above and beyond and she gives you the right tools and critical thinking using photoshop to elevate your game. She is the real deal!
— Sebastien Loubert

Phase 1


Assessing your skills and among up your business face.

In this first phase of your portfolio review, Lisa will examine your work with an eye toward it’s quality and the breadth of experience it represents as compared to other professionals in the industry. She’ll also take stock of your photoshop skill set as represented by your portfolio. 

As soon as you enroll, you’ll receive a detailed questionnaire covering YOU and what you are looking for in your career. What makes you sing, what can you NOT stand. It is designed to give Lisa picture of the kind of career you are looking to create.

For us to proceed with your review, you’ll need to SEND BACK:

  1. a pdf of your portfolio

  2. the questionnaire filled out

  3. your complete professional profile, Business ID system ( you know business card) and all your social media platforms. 

Once Lisa has all of the above info, she’ll return a Quick Time movie evaluating:

•Portfolio. Is it the best representation of your skills? Are there other skills you should be highlighting? What do clients want to see more of? Less of?

•Photoshop skills. What are your strengths? Weaknesses? Areas you should be highlighting for prospective clients?

•Social Media/Business Presence. Mad skills are great, but does anyone know?  Does your business ID system show you in the best possible light?  Lisa will clue you in to the small details that attract clients.

Phase 2

Goal Assessment. Where could your skills be taking you?

This is where the fun starts!  In phase 2, Lisa will help you position yourself in the marketplace.   After you complete a second questionnaire that focusses on your career goals and dreams, you’ll have a one hour facetime/phone call with Lisa to design your career trajectory.


Some of the things Lisa will cover:

How well do your skills match up with the marketplace?   What should you be charging?


Promotion and presentation: Does your social media/website presence do you justice? Optimize them to reach the kinds of clients hungry for your skills.


Career trajectory:  Lisa will help you hone in on achievable career goals & suggest ways to enhance your skills.


After you return Phase 2 questionnaire we will schedule a ONE ON ONE facetime/skype review.

At the end of your portfolio review you will have:

• a quick time evaluation

• written follow up evaluation with list of resources to advance you in your career goals.


Got QUESTIONS? drop us a line: lisa@lisacarney.com