Dive Deep into Photoshop mastery.

Finishing Station clinics zero in on sticky Photoshop issues. Each workshop focuses on a single workflow—the kind of soul-crushing workflow that keeps you up at night. Spend a morning with us, and leave with more detailed MASTERY of the problem than you thought possible. You’ll sleep better at night. Trust us.

What's new Adobe CC 2019
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Can't Make it to Adobe Max?

What's New Photoshop CC2019 Overview

Sat November 3 10am-1pm

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We are scheduling a DISCOVERY workshop immediately after Adobe Max to dish on all the new exciting upgrades. (i've seen some of the new features in Photoshop and they are going to be GREAT)


I LOVE LOVE LOVE your tutorials!!! SOOOOO great!!
— KELLEY KALBHENN | AE | Daniel Clark & Associates

iPhoto, Mobile Photography FREE

if you are interested in future mobile photography workshops, drop us a line.


Take amazing photos with your mobile device 


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If you love shooting, processing and sharing images with your mobile device, this class is guaranteed to up your game. Discover today's most powerful apps to correct, enhance and transform your photos.

If you're new to to the idea of using your mobile device for serious work, join us for an introduction to the potential of mobile cameras.

Learn everything you need to know about using your device to capture images. Get familiar with the tools available for mobile photography, from tips on equipment to the best apps for shooting, enhancing and editing photos.

No matter your skill level, you'll discover new perspectives on how to make serious photography with a mobile device.

Topics covered:
• Apps: find the most up-to-date ones that fit your vision.

• Use familiar apps in new, creative ways
• Camera tips & tricks.
• Lightroom Camera--why you should shoot with it.

• Equipment--Get the most out of the device you have. 

• Know when and why to upgrade.

• Processing--Make the reality fit your vision.

Held at KleverDog Co Working

418 Bamboo Ln, Los Angeles, CA 90012

Located in: Chinatown Central Plaza