Photoshop 911 Emergency Help

You heard right. Finishing Station is now offering EMERGENCY ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE.

Classes and tips are fine and all, but what happens when you’re up against a deadline, and the wheels are coming off?  You need help…NOW.  Whether it’s just a quick fix, or something a bit more complicated, Finishing Station’s EMERGENCY ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE is just an email away. 

Quick fix.

Need a hand matching colors? Fixing a mask? Lighting direction out of control?  On a stupid-quick deadline and just need a little advice?Don’t panic. We got this.  

What is it?

It’s like when you run out of gas, or lock your keys in the car.  A quick fix is an image you can’t match in color or tone or a mask you can’t corral. No problem we can show you how to do that.  And don’t forget, if you’re not sure just how quick the fix might be, shoot us an email. We’ll chat.


Photoshop 911 Quick Fix
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Here is a short sampling of some 911 Assistance Calls:

"I have a file going to a magazine, for life of me I cannot get the color & tone to match from left to right side, HELP" - Quinn

Wow, this was incredible! It solved my problem, and I can’t thank you enough for your generosity.
— Quinn

"I have a composite job in pre pro, client wants it shot on green screen , Photographer says NO, what should I do, and how can I best have photographer set up shoot for easy/fast compositing? oh and its ALL hair (for hair product shoot)" - Warren

Thanks for your advice. I really had no experience with that technique. We are going in the direction you advised. You Saved me tons of time.
— Warren

"I am working on Frequency Separation, but I keep getting dark circles when I work on the grey layer - what am I doing wrong?"  - Terry 

"I understand the basics of frequency separation but could you tell me the best way to attack basic wrinkles on solid color pants using frequency separation. Do you work just on the color of it? Do you clone on a layer in between the color and the grey layer? I find straightening the sides and taking out the side nubs really easy so I'm asking instead about the wrinkles across the front of the leg. Thanks!" - Maggie

Thanks so much for the help and the video. You are amazing. That was great and so helpful.
— Maggie

The Bigger Fix. When nothing small will do.

Project sliding sideways?  Need more than a simple jumpstart?  No worries. We’ve got the equipment to haul you back out onto the road.  If you think you fall into this category, EMERGENCY ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE is just an email away. Tell us about it. Together we’ll devise a rescue plan.

More Than quick.jpg

Here is a sampling of some more COMPLICATED 911 calls and solves

"I did a shoot, model has a large tattoo on shoulder/arm, client wants out- can you do it? - Ty

 before - after

before - after

"Shot for my book did not quite come out right, can you fix it?- Bob

 before - after

before - after

"This shot is just not working, too flat. Can you help?

 before - after

before - after