COMPING Finesse Workshop


COMPING Finesse Workshop


We can empathize with the designer’s challenge to keep abreast of Photoshop’s newest techniques after laying down three to five comp’s per day for 50, 60 & 70 hour weeks. See some great moves to improve your building speed and quality. Buy you some more time to see your kids, step outside or get more than 4hrs of sleep.

•We’ll introduce you to PS 2018’s “select subject” option & finesse your masking strategies from there - mask fast , but cleanly.

•With a few brushes & a couple of techniques we can transform the perception of hair illustration from “scary, scary” to “aw, is that all it is?”

•Let us distill the new Photoshop brushes cc2018  to manageable, real life useable moves.

•We’ve got some powerful color & light matching procedures to unify shots stripped in from different sources. 

•We demystify frequency separation real quick & show you it’s power for every comp you’ll ever present from now on.

•Come learn about some groovy plug ins that can give your comps an extra kick of pizzaz or get your those variations of a look in a jiffy.

•We have some great tricks for color matching, you know when client / boss gives you a flat jpg of something found on the net and wants you to match the color / tone to that.We have a fast easy solve, then a little bit more complicated buy CRAZY cool one as well.

• Lets talk about actions and how they seriously can save time if you make actions  And when we show you are content aware action cleaning up files will be a SNAP.

•and for the Love of Mike, as Finishers? Please let us teach your lambs responsible Smart Object protocol. We will look at building with finish in mind - incorporating workflow smart Smart objects for “smart composites”

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Held at KleverDog Co Working    418 Bamboo Ln, Los Angeles, CA 90012

Sat May 5th 10AM-1PM

DON'T let the map IMAGE fool you, when you click on bubble it will show you the PROPER LA address. There is a ghost in the machine we are trying to work out ; )